IMVU Tips And Cheats For Free Credits

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Only a small amount of IMVU players can claim that they have not once tried to purchase imvu credits. credits are the currency used in the popular game IMVU, acquiring credits can help you create, buy, furnish your room and possibly be accepted in a more popular social circle ( sad, but true. ). Although there are in fact, offers which generate credits ( very small amount! max 1,000 credits! ) for "FREE", the way on how to get them is often quite tedius involving subscription plans followed by phone calls in order to cancel them

IMVU is certainly fun and it is even creating a group of friends online who are in different places of the world but with similiar interests. A research showed that over 100,000 imvu users are going online. If you are yet to try imvu but don't have a computer there is an app for your smartphone which you can almost do the same thing as the computer version, including spending credits. This article will show you the other side of IMVU that will help you save some money and avoiding tedius subscription offers with low paying imvu credits.

What IMVU Is All About?

IMVU is a 3d chat software full of things to do and see, it is something a lot of people use to get away from the real life world. Something quite similar to Second Life but in a way unique by it's ''click on a spot to move'' kind of controls, I can't really help myself but imagine playing the sims online version. The currency is called ''credits'' and it is quite useful for all kinds of things like buying clothes and furniture for your home, credits are useful if you would like to be a creator, they cover the fees for submitting a product and you eventually earn credits when someone buys the products you made on imvu.

Now you’ve known what imvu is all about, let’s make it much interesting for you by providing you tips on how you can gain lots of free credits with the IMVU Hack.

Are you ready for it? Ok let’s first stat it with the imvu credits hack cheats online generator which will give you unlimited amount of free credits.

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Below are the tips to get more imvu credits without the hack online Generator;

  1. Get Daily Login Rewards

You've probably seen this the first time you started playing IMVU.

It doesn't take much time and it helps you save up some credits ( although promo ) to buy some new outfits.

  1. IMVU Offers

Sometimes, you will notice the payout is 2x, this is when you should be doing the offers in my opinion. Be careful when signing up for a credit check or a subscription service. It's an awkward process to cancel and it isn't worth the amount of credits.

  1. Invite Friends!

You're already telling your buddies about IMVU anyway. Well, why not earn some credits as they join?

Get fun and unique gifts for your avatar when someone joins through your unique link!

  1. Watch a video

When all else fails, watching a video can be a nice alternative! Check out how you can do it on the official imvu website.

Why you need to get imvu credits

The addictive IMVU store is what is going to eat your credits up. from 1,500 you'll be down to 0 before you know it, at least that's what happened to us!.